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CG Towers

CG Towers is a separate business entity headed by Mr. Arun Chaudhary.

CG|Moto Corp

CG|Motocorp is the automobile division of Chaudhary Group. Actively involved in the automobile business for the past 30 years, CG|Motocorp started as far back as 1980 and has grown from strength to strength - to be currently positioned as Nepal’s leading automobile distributor. It is the sole distributor of Suzuki Motors Corporation (Japan) and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Today, CG|MOTOCORP is the Nepal's leading distributor in automobiles sales. Suzuki range of power-packed new generation cars include Alto, K10, Wagon R, Estilo, Astar, Ritz, Swift, Dzire, Sx4 and Grand Vitara.Products range from economy to small vehicles to utility vehicles and mid-range cars. CG|MOTOCORP has recently launched new models of the Suzuki-New Swift. With the tagline of New Swift More Swift, the New Suzuki Swift is built on an all-new platform that outperforms the older model in all respect. The New Swift premium package of performance coupled with fuel efficiency and attractive cost of ownership make it the ideal car for the Nepali market. The company's philosophy of being market driven is the main and unmatched strength of the organization. CG|MOTOCORP boasts of the widest reach in the country through its retail outlets and dealers and sub-dealers networks. CG|MOTOCORP employs the best human resource and provides prompt after sale services in terms of easy accessibility to spares and excellent maintenance facilities in its numerous service centres.Chaudhary Group (CG) - the name itself is a legacy on its own. It is a personification of a tradition enclosed with modern system which can be reflected in its each endeavor. The organization is dedicated towards structuring new ideas alongside the development of the society. With prospect to the nature, the economical and social structure of the country, CG, Chaudhary Mansion has facilitated the ways of life and has been thriving to introduce new products and services consistently according to the requirement and demand of the society. CG percepts the need of the people according to the time and so, has it fabricated novel and workable ideas for different sector. From Agriculture to Education, from Manufacturing to Health Care, from Technology to Entertainment, it has eased and touched life in each way. Moreover, it has been conscious and benign in fulfilling its responsibility towards the society and helping in bringing positive change in and around. The organization has strong hold and expertise on various areas and has been providing vivid opportunities. CG conceives a futuristic vision that benefits everyone and helps in the development of the state and the people. Apart from the business activities, CG has been deeply involved in serving the society largely under the community development sector of CG.

CG Mart Private Limited

CG Mart private limited – Retail and distribution Division is the warmest and friendliest retailer and distributer for convenience and high quality brands in the Nepal. The organization has started in 2011 and started to deal with 30 sku’s, various brands and has plan to increase most sought in near future. CG Mart’s convenience store concept is unique. CG Mart convenience store can be called corner store, corner shop or bodega is a small store or shop in a built up area where we stock a range of everyday items such as groceries, toiletries, alcoholic and soft drinks, and may also offer money order, wire transferservices and ATM facilities in future .And hasplan to create Nepal’s first retail brand the only convenience store that serves in-store prepared food products with dine-in corner for consumers, targeting the B and C households in Kathmandu Metropolitan city . Right now, we are very aggressive in the introduction of new retail brand and products in the market. The division functions as a total marketing and retailing unit with our effective & competent CG Mart team, comprising of Retailing, Business Development, Sales and Merchandising force leave no stone unturned in achieving pre-set milestones. Being one of the new FMCG organizations in the country, we enjoy keeping excellent relation with the trade and local authorities which reflects on the overall business growth without any bottlenecks. Our expertise in managing a diverse portfolio of products will help us demand a higher share of shelf vis a vis share of market. We boast of a competent and trained sales force; capable of handling all market related operational challenges by leveraging its product portfolio, eventually resulting in a gain in market share. CG Mart invests in its field force to make them equipped with all the latest selling techniques. Proper training is provided at all levels of the sales hierarchy and we strongly believe in promote from within policy of fresh and friendly.. Our retail sales & distribution objective is to ensure optimal availability & visibility at point of purchase with consistent & accurate pricing strategies. We passionately implement creative displays combined with efficient monitoring of in-market execution standards, an effort made to improve market share. We review and analyses market situation and work with our customers to attain mutually agreed goals and growth plans, there by implementing collaborative forecasting and order management process which helps us to get prompt feed back and suggestions. Our Customer Marketing and retailing Team is fully geared and trained to develop marketing plans and track implementation across the business units. They are the custodian of the best customer service and have the capability to satisfy the customer’s needs. Promo planning, distribution tracking, ROS analyses and new product launch planning are some key areas of expertise of our distribution and retailing team. We’re building one of the best merchandising teams in the region responsible for our tremendous growth in visibility and market share.

CG Money Remit Pvt Ltd

CG Money Remit Pvt Ltd, undertaking of Chaudhary Group Nepal, started its operation in the later half of 2010. In the short span of its operation, it has already succeeded to establish its name in the field of remittance business. We are dedicated to providing a secure, quick, cost-effective and easy way to remit money to Nepal. Sending money to Nepal does not have to be difficult or expensive. Your family, friends or business associates cannot wait weeks to receive the funds, and you cannot afford the expensive fees, complications and insecurities typical of traditional money remittance services. You can count on CG Money, to deliver and satisfy you every time..


A well integrated, self-contained Edible Oil Refinery set up by Chaudhary Group has evolved to become one of Nepal’s leading manufacturers of Refined Soyabean Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil, Vanaspati Ghee, R.B.D. Palm Oil, Rapseed Oil (Mustered/Tori Oil) and its bi-products as Acid Oil, Palm Fatty Acid and Oxygen Gas (for Industrial use) and Cake for Cattle feed. The following divisions under Edible Oil Kusum Oil Industries (P) Ltd is formerly known as Nirvana Vanaspati Udhyog (P) Ltd. It was established in 1985 in Kathmandu for manufacturing of Edible oil with a capacity of 10000 MT per year. From 2008 it has been set up at Nitinpur (Birgunj) with a capacity of 15000 MT per year. It has also increased its product portfolio to Bakery sortning, Refined Sunflower oil and Refined Corn oil. Its manufacturing location in Nepal at Nitinpur, 240 Kms south of Kathmandu.

Nepal Lube Oil Ltd(NLOL)

Nepal Lube Oil Ltd(NLOL),is the licensee of Gulf Oil International to manufacture and distribute Gulf Lubricants in Nepal. Established in 1983 as Lube Blending plant with trade mark agreement with Gulf Oil Corporation Limited, it was incorporated as Nepal Lube Oil Ltd. under Nepal Company Act 2021 (1964 AD) in 15 July, 1984. NLOL was privatized in 2051/2052 (1994/1995) as per the Government’s Privatization Policy. The company is under the management of ABB Investment P. Ltd., an enterprise of Chaudhary Group, Nepal. With its strong and ever expanding distribution network and wide array of products in the market, Gulf lubricants has a strong performance and market presence in Nepal. It currently occupies approximately 15% market share in Nepal. We focus on delivering a reliable supply of high-quality lubricants and providing technical application expertise to customers Nepal. We offer our product through direct sales and distributor channels. We take pride in meeting agreed customer requirements through continuous improvement of our processes to ensure the highest possible product and service quality.


A landscape, a roadscape transforming into a dream cityscape of abode. Impression architecturally sequenced high-rise towers nested in a rich lush green ambience. Crafted by internationally recounced team of architects to develop. Abounds in world-class amenities to uplift the life style. Atrendsetter in urban planning. www.cityscapenepal.com


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