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Corporate Newsletter of Chaudhary Group vol 14 No. 3

President of Chaudhary Group Mr. Binod Chaudhary with Chairman of Tata Group Mr. Cyrus Pallonji Mistry.

In The Quickness Of Time

The ‘small man from a small country’ (Nepal’s total population can be compared to Haryana’s, but it three times bigger in area). That’s how Binod Chaudhary, the industrialist from Nepal who first met Nare­ndra Modi at a con­v­e­ntion in Ahmedabad in 2011

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There are goodbyes in all walks of life. However, that is not what bothers me at the moment. The one that bothers me are the painful moments of goodbye that

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CSR and Social Business

Some of the world’s leading companies are recognizing that by harnessing innovation for the public good they can manage risks, gain competitive advantage and/or enhance their reputation and stakeholders relationships while helping to solve complex social and environmental problems. Such companies are focusing on ways to integrate social and environmental considerations into their R&D activities and into the sourcing, manufacturing, marketing use and disposal of their products. The purpose of a business is still to produce wealth, but it does so as a social organization, having to meet and respond to the pressures and responsibilities of society and its citizens.

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सैंवुका विद्यार्थीहरुलाई सी.जी. को छात्रवृत्ति

सी.जी.फुड्स (नेपाल) प्रा.लि), सैंवु,भैसेपाटीले भदौ २६ गते एक समारोहको आयोजना गरी ज्ञान उदय छात्रवृत्ति वितरण गर्‍यो । उक्त छात्रवृत्ति सैंवु वडा नं. १ र ५मा बसोवास गर्ने, सैंवु

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CG to renovate flood-hit schools

Chaudhary Group has decided to renovate Bardiya-based six schools that were completely devastated by the recent floods. Also, the Group has decided

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