Corporate Newsletter Vol 15 No. 11
May 15 - June 14, 2016

A year after the earthquake

Dear CG members

On 25th of April, we marked the passage of one year after the fateful day that left Nepal shattered. Killing almost 9,000 people, injuring over 25,000, destroying about 750,000 homes and making more than 30,000 classrooms unusable, the 2015 earthquake shook our beloved country to the hilt. As the largest and most responsible corporate house in the country, Chaudhary Group’s President Mr. Binod K. Chaudhary resolved to help his fellow people in this time of need. Under his guidance, the Group’s philanthropic arm Chaudhary Foundation committed to build 10,000 shelter homes and 100 school buildings. Despite all hurdles of last year, the Foundation has completed building 2540 shelters and 37 school buildings under his exemplary leadership.

On 24th of April this year, 571 shelters were handed over to the local people, the largest number to be given on a single day. Similarly 7 schools were handed over to the local school management committees in different districts.

We organized a press meet on April 25 to give the details of CG Ashraya and CG Shikshyalaya projects. The press meet was a grand success, well attended by national and international media. Our partners and donors in the humanitarian effort were also present on the occasion.

Please read the statement issued at the press meet.

CCPR Department

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Billionaire Binod Chaudhary: Making it Big, in Nepal

Billionaire Binod Chaudhary's autobiography is a candid account of the costs and compulsions of doing business in the Himalayan nation


UPFRONT/CHECK-IN | Apr 29, 2016

An earthquake on February 27, 2010, struck the Chilean coast, triggering a tsunami that caused widespread destruction. In the capital Santiago, Nepalese businessman Binod Chaudhary and his wife Sarika found themselves trapped in their hotel. “I didn’t even think of getting up and running,” he recalls. “When things returned to normal, I realised that life could end any moment and I should share my story.”

Born on April 14, 1955, to a wealthy businessman in Kathmandu, Chaudhary has built a billion-dollar empire under the Chaudhary Group and Cinnovation banners. He is also the only Forbes billionaire from the Himalayan nation, with a net worth of $1.16 billion (as of April 20, 2016). Chaudhary’s autobiography, Making it Big, published by Penguin Books India, takes a look back at his tumultuous journey.

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MD Nirvana Chaudhary
Nirvana Chaudhary
Managing Director, CG Corp Global

Spirituality and business should go side by side

The foundations of the Chaudhary Group were laid 140 years ago when my great grandfather Bhuramall Chaudhary began a clothing business in Kathmandu at the behest of erstwhile Rana regime. My late grandfather Lunkaran Das Chaudhary started Nepal’s first departmental store Arun Emporium, among many other novel ventures. We have a proud history of business in Nepal. Today, CG has diversified interests ranging from fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), financial services, hospitality, education, consumer electronics, cement, energy, real estate and CG Coastal Projects EPC.

Ethics, to me means doing good, being fair, being responsible and making a difference to society. It means being transparent. At CG, we have our own code of ethics. We follow our company’s seven core values: Humility, entrepreneurship, learning, respect for individual, social responsibility, team work & relationships, and delivering the promise. For us, fair trade means everything. We are basically driven by moral values.

I think many people are talking about ethical business, because businesses have to be ethical. Otherwise it is not sustainable. The drive to earn quick money has prompted many people to turn to unethical practices. But businesses that is not based on strong fundamentals crumbles like a house of cards. You lose your credibility very soon. Our company was able to grow organically into a billion dollar company in 140 years.

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CG cares...

CG members share their experience working for shelter and school projects

VP Moon Lee
Moon Lee
Vice President
Chaudhary Group

"Natural disaster like earthquake teaches human beings to be humbler and closer to each other. One mind, one neighbor, one country, one world – the Nepal earthquake of 25 April 2015 brought us together! The earthquake gave me – a Korean – perfect chance to extend support to my Nepalese friends. For the last one year, we have seen tremendous strength and hope of the people of this land though they were facing intense pain due to the calamity. How can we forget the smiles and relief on their faces when the earthquake-affected people eventually settled in their new shelters? Yes, there was Chaudhary Foundation with us, always!"

S. Chandrasekaran
Chaudhary Group

“By working for Chaudhary Foundation on the CG Ashraya and Shikshyalaya projects, we leant how a business enterprise can successfully implement such humanitarian activities cost-effectively, efficiently, professionally, and scoring high on compliance. The task of implementation of shelter and school projects brought the entire team together on the common cause and helped each one of us to understand the vision behind this and work towards the same. We leant how teamwork can create wonders if we have clear vision and direction. Seeing the life through those affected brings out reality of life. It has made us humbler.”

Girley Agarwal
Senior General Manager
Chaudhary Group

“The devastating Earthquake of 2015 taught us to handle difficult situations and move forward, no matter what. We learnt to adapt to the circumstances and be fearless to face the unknown. We travelled the awful roads and trails that we’ve never been to. With compassion in our hearts and service in minds, we reached out to the needy and suffering. It is so satisfying and rewarding when we see the smiling faces of the children and community! Many miles to go before we rest!”

Ranu Sharma
Rannu Sharma
Project Manager
CG | Telecom

“By occupation, I am a telecom engineer working in CG telecom as project manager. I became member of the Chaudhary Foundation’s shelter construction committee in May last year. My responsibility is to monitor and mobilize CG telecom staff at the project sites and support the logistic team for delivery of required material. Being in the field managing the shelter project, I have learnt a lot. I have learnt how to deal with a larger group of people. I feel proud and happy when we hand over shelters to the beneficiaries. It has been a remarkable experience as I was doing something meaningful to help the people. I feel so happy to be part of the team.”

Suraj Shakya
Suraj Shakya
CG | Finco

“Being a part of Chaudhary Foundation in an endeavor to contribute toward reconstruction and rehabilitation initiative post April 2015 Earthquake in Nepal has been a roller coaster ride for me. A roller coaster of a wide range of emotions – from Sadness & Sorrow experiencing the extent of damage and loss of lives to Will & Hope in people to fight back and rebuild; from Jitters while travelling through dreadful roads to Courage gathered after witnessing the arduous labor of villagers to build the shelters despite all adversities; from Despair while experiencing hurdles at different project sites to a Sense of Accomplishment while handing over completed shelters to the needy family.

A journey starting with tears in the eyes and ending with smiles on the faces. Proud to be a part of Chaudhary Foundation in this benevolent work.”

Photo Feature of CG Ashrya and CG Shikshyalaya Handover Ceremonies

Rabindra Timsena
Rabindra Timsena

Mending Hearts - Chaudhary Foundation

पोहोर साल खुसी फाट्दा जतन गरी मनले टालेँ ।

त्यही साल माया फाट्यो, त्यसलाई पनि मनले टालेँ ।।

यसपाली त मनै फाट्यो, केले सिउने केले टाल्ने हो ?

(Bereft of happiness last year, I healed myself with a consoling heart, Bereft of love the same year, I healed myself yet again with a consoling heart, But this year bereft of heart I am, how will I heal now…how do I heal now…)

This song by lyricist Rajendra Thapa and sung by Aruna Lama personifies the painful events of Kanchi Khatri’s life.

“Were I to share all of my story, I will not be able to complete it even in two whole days…,” reminisced Kanchi as she slowly stood up from the stool. The interviewers were already standing to bid farewell. Had Kanchi been someone faint-hearted, she would have already broken down in grief. To lighten the somber mood, the interviewer with a gentle sense of humour added, “Actually it would take you a good 38 years to finish your story!” Kanchi is 38 years old. Taking the cue, with a wry smile she replied, “Yes, that’s correct. Anyway, please do drop by once in a while…”

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Chaudhary Foundation and Webster University Thailand

Announce Scholarship for Nepali Students

Chaudhary Foundation and Webster University Thailand have signed an agreement to provide scholarship worth NRS. 13 million (approximately USD 123,000) to four Nepali students to study at the undergraduate level at Webster University, Thailand.

The scholarship value consists of 100 percent tuition fees waiver to one student and partial scholarships of 50 percent tuition fees waiver to three students.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial support of tuition fees to the most deserving students selected through 'Chaudhary Foundation WUT Inter-School Scholarship Competition' being held in Nepal. The University will do the screening of the scholarship applicants as per its admissions requirement. Chaudhary Foundation will be a partner in the process.

Nepali students currently studying at grade 12 and expecting graduation from Nepali educational institutions will be eligible to apply. The students should have a GPA of 2.0 as the minimum requirement for applying. They will also be required to achieve admission requirement score in the Webster University’s English placement test.

The last date of application for the scholarship is May 20. Qualifying exams will be held on June 6, and the winners will be announced between June 20 - 30.

For additional information:

Mother Teresa


"Contribute personal time and energy for the less previleged.
Urge and encourage others to do likewise. Be sensitive to members
from diverse cultural and social backgrounds."

Mother Teresa