Blog Dreams have no limit but reality does

Dreams have no limit but reality does

From the Desk of President and Managing Director

Dreams have no limit but reality does. Success comes to those who can push their reality and ability to the limit and take it to the other level.

A businessman is a dreamer, he dreams in an open sky, in a sphere which is limitless; but reality has limitations. CG today is at the top because all my dreams were turned into reality by the employees of our company. All the envisioned intentions, plans, decisions and dreams were put into reality and were given optimum efforts by the employees, which is why CG now is familiar all over the globe. Continuous efforts, undiluted dedication and hard work of the employees are the forces that converted the global vision into derivable.

CG is now extending its arm and placing itself in sectors that are huge and extremely demanding. Cement, Aviation, Hydro Power, Tele-Communication are some sectors where CG now in tends to be the leader. For this, it shall be requiring the continuous support of all its employees. Also, considering the growing market and competition, CG is arranging training and development programs for all its employees to ensure they are competitive enough in the global marketplace. CG has been prioritizing its HR department to ensure that all its employees have the invaluable training needed to remain competitive and proactive.

CG is in a crucial point of development, vertically and horizontally. The group shall need its employees’ continuous support. My guideline shall always be there. Till date, CG has always got the required support and now we need it more. Our development is in the growth of our group, the CHAUDHARY GROUP.


President and Managing Director