A drop of ink makes millions think

Executive Director’s Message

“A drop of ink makes millions think”, while at school one day, I came across these humble words which gave a whole new gist to my life. Ever since, all my thoughts are driven bringing these words into the reality. My attitude and thoughts carved within my mind as a continuous result of wondering outer ally made way for the stepping stone to creativity and innovation.

A central theme of our development over the years has been the establishment of a strong presence in selected market segment, a goal towards which we have been making significant stride by being prepare. Last year, we have once again generated record financial results, continued to foster impressive growth in our flagship businesses and realized opportunities in significant areas of new businesses.

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Change Management

From the Desk of President and Managing Director,

Today, we are in a pace of “Change Management” for increased efficiency and effectiveness of our resources, processes and intellectual capital. We are in the verge of various change initiatives like structural changes, leadership changes including operational changes. There are many more to be introduced, planned and executed but the challenge also lies on sustaining them. We really need to revisit, follow up and continuously update our change initiatives so that they do not just get limited to an event. Various stakeholders of these change processes must ensure that they are contributing the highest. Change starts from brain, then is processed by heart and finally is translated into actions through hands. The remark I am making here is that being a part of the change management is not only sufficient, you need to really understand why the change is being introduced, what influences will it have and how will it be executed. We require to contribute with both ideas and actions. Here, I wish to quote Caroline Schoeder who says,” Some people change when they see the light, others when they feel the heat. ”

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