People want serious and total change

From the Desk of President and Managing Director

Dear Stakeholders,

Nepal has recently embarked on a new phase by successfully completing the elections for Constituent Assembly, a desire which had remained unfulfilled for 50 years.  The results of the election have clearly demonstrated that people want serious and total change.  Perhaps the development strategies, focus on economy and the ability of the delivery mechanism to deliver what people wanted across the mountains to the low lands of Terai and by people representing different castes and ethnic groups remain, to a large extent, unfulfilled.  As a consequence, new parties have been given a much larger mandate as against the old established hands.  This is an important signal which is not only critical for the people in politics but also for people in business.

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A New Ray of Hope

From the Desk of President and Managing Director,

As all of us know, after going through protracted political conflict spanning over a period of one decade, a new ray of hope emerged after signing of the Peace Accord between the Seven Party Alliance and Maoists. Through this Peace Accord, perhaps Nepal has presented an unprecedented example of how insurgencies can be brought to the political mainstream. With this, as expected, economic optimism of the country has reached new heights once again and corporates are becoming active to identify new areas of growth.

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